Going Live: “The Life of Words”

For over two years, I’ve been posting short posts and articles on topics related to poetry, criticism, lexicography – especially the Oxford English Dictionary – and Digital Humanities, on my research blog, “Poetry & Contingency”. That blog was initially set up to collect thoughts, results, and new research questions generated in the course of a SSHRCC Insight Development grant of the same title.

That grant has now run its course, and so too should the blog, I think. From now on I’ll be posting regularly to this site instead, “The Life of Words”, to relate news on some of my ongoing projects investigating: contemporary poetry; dictionaries and lexicography; etymology, neologism, and language change; literature and language in society; and the use of digital methods in humanistic enquiry.

No new material will go up on “Poetry & Contingency”, but old posts will remain there in perpetuity. For a time I will include links to related older posts at the bottom of new posts here.

I hope you enjoy “The Life of Words”. Please feel encouraged to participate in the comments section, or send me an email.

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