David-Antoine Williams


2003-2006 DPhil Balliol College, Oxford       
2002-2003 MPhil The University of St Andrews       
1996-2000 AB    Harvard University

Academic Appointments

2023-     Professor, St Jerome’s University, the University of Waterloo 
2015-2023 Associate Professor, St Jerome’s University, the University of Waterloo 
2010-2015 Assistant Professor, St Jerome’s University, the University of Waterloo
2007-2010 British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, English Faculty, Oxford   
2007-2010 Junior Research Fellow in English, Hertford College, Oxford


The Life of Words : Etymology and Modern Poetry. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020. [link]
Defending Poetry : Art and Ethics in Joseph Brodsky, Seamus Heaney, and Geoffrey Hill. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. [link] 

Chapters in Books
‘Poetry in the Oxford English Dictionary: A Quantitative Profile’  in Poetry and the Dictionary, edited by Andrew Blades and Piers Pennington. Liverpool University Press, 2020: 57-80. [link]

‘Antedating (in) the Oxford English Dictionary’ in Notes and Queries (2023) Advance Access. [link] [pdf] 
‘Women’s Words and the Words of Women in the Oxford English Dictionary’ in Review of English Studies 74.316 (2023), 730-751. [link] [pdf] 
  - ‘Women’s Words and the Words of Women in the Oxford English Dictionary, 1700–2022, Supplementary Data & Notes’ (2023) 74pp. [link] [pdf]
‘ “Alien” vs. Editor: World English in the Oxford English Dictionary; Policies, Practices, and Outcomes 1884–2020’ in International Journal of Lexicography 34.1 (2021) 39-65. [link] 
‘Getting More out of the Oxford English Dictionary (by Putting More In)’ in Dictionaries 38.2 (2017): 106-113. [link] [pdf]
‘The “Oxford Dictionary” in T. S. Eliot’ in Notes & Queries 63.2 (2016): 293-296. [link] [pdf]
‘T. S. Eliot in The Oxford English Dictionary’ in Notes & Queries 63.2 (2016): 296-301. [link] [pdf]
‘Interview with Paul Muldoon’ The Life of Words (web blog) 2015. [pdf]
‘All corruptible things: Geoffrey Hill's Etymological Crux’ in Modern Philology 112.3 (Feb, 2015): 522-553 [link] [pdf].
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‘Poetic Antagonyms’ in The Comparatist 37 (May, 2013): 169-85. [link] [pdf]
‘Tête-à-tête, Face-à-face : Brodsky, Levinas, and the Ethics of Poetry’ in Poetics Today 30.2 (2009): 207-35. [link] [pdf]

‘Living Powers’, a review of Denise Gigante, Life: Organic Form and Romanticism, in Essays in Criticism 60.4 (2010): 368-74. [link]
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Williams, David-Antoine, ed. Oxford Poetry Broadsides. Anne Carson, Wendy Cope, Seamus Heaney, Paul Muldoon, Robert Pinsky, et al.. Oxford: Oxford Poetry, 2005-2007.


Grants & Funding

2022-27 SSHRC Insight Grant - ‘Opening the Oxford English Dictionary: A data-enhanced, research-ready historical dictionary’ - $265,720 
Ontario Ministry of Innovation, University of Waterloo, St Jerome's University

2015-20 Ontario Early Researcher Award - ‘The Life of Words’ - $190,000 
Ontario Ministry of Innovation, University of Waterloo, St Jerome's University

2017-18 Faculty Research Grant - ‘OED3 Research’ - $7,500 
St Jerome’s University

2013-14 Faculty Research Grant - ‘Poetry-Philology-Lexicography’ - $1,250     
St Jerome’s University

2012-13 Faculty Research Grant - ‘Data-Mining the OED’ - $5,000     
St Jerome’s University

2011-13  Insight Development Grant  - ‘Poetry & Contingency’ - $17,049
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

2011-12  UW-SIG Seed Grant - ‘Applying search & stylometry techniques to OED2 & poetic text corpora’ - $5,437
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and The University of Waterloo     

2011-12  Faculty Research Grant - ‘The Poet & the Dictionary’ - $6,000    
St Jerome’s University     

2007-10 British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship - £215,179        
The British Academy

2007-10 Junior Research Fellowship in English     
Hertford College, Oxford


St Jerome's University 2010-
ENGL100B: Introduction to Poetry
ENGL200B: Survey of British Literature 2, 1780 to the Present
ENGL251A: Criticism I
ENGL260:  Irish Literature and the ‘Troubles’
ENGL365: Directed Reading: Gerard Manley Hopkins
ENGL365: Directed Reading: Gender and Sexuality in Irish Literature
ENGL460D: Contemporary British Literature
ENGL460C: British Literature, 1945 to the Present
ENGL487:  Recent British and Commonwealth Poetry and Poetics

University of Waterloo 2010-
ENGL785: The Poetics of Etymology
ENGL735: Three Voices in Recent U.K. Poetry: Muldoon, Jamie, Paterson.
ENGL735: Seamus Heaney
ENGL785: What Good is Poetry?
ENGL705: Directed Reading: The Poets on Poetry
ENGL705: Directed Reading: Modern British Poetry 

Oxford University 2004-2010
Mods Paper 1: Introduction to Literary Studies (Hertford College)
Mods Paper 4: Seamus Heaney  (Lady Margaret Hall, Trinity College, Pembroke College, Hertford College)     
FHS Paper 7: Emily Dickinson (Hertford College)  
FHS Paper 8: Modern Poetry and Translation (Hertford College)    
Lectures: Reading Poetry (English Faculty)  
Visiting Student Special Paper: T. S. Eliot  
Visiting Student Special Paper: 20th C. British & Irish Poetry: Yeats, Eliot, Heaney, Hill                                                              
Visiting Student Special Paper: Transatlantic Poetry: Eliot, Auden, Muldoon