Babies say the darndest things

Everyone knows you have to start watching your language once Baby gets good at words. Even then there are moments: for a time my daughter’s impression of a snake ended with a “snap” that sounded just like… the French for “seal.” And then there’s the French for “seal,” favourite of every schoolboy, which HRW likes to say many times in a row when counting seals in her picture book full of seals.

And then (again), there’s Je reconstitue les animaux de la ferme, which lets you reassemble bisected barnyard critters, recombining their names. Someone in the design team either wasn’t thinking, or was, when they allowed this to happen:conardI have this fantasy that in seven or eight years I’ll get something like “Papa – qu’est-ce ça veut dire, connard?” And I’ll be able to whip out this book as an authority.

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