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Off-handed, a.

(/o fhænded/), a. = off-hand B.: esp. in reference to style or manner. (In quot. 1840 irreg. as adv. = off-hand A. 1.) o-x-x-u-r
1835 T. Moore Diary 15 Aug. in Mem. (1856) VII. 103 Found Babbage very off-handed and agreeable.o-u-x-u-u 1840 R. H. Barham Ingol. Leg., Hand of Glory 1st Ser. 44 Nor, I'll venture to say, without scrutiny cou'd he Pronounce her, off-handed, a Punch or a Judy.o-u-x-u-r 1890 ‘R. BoldrewoodCol. Reformer (1891) 182 He's an off-handed chap.o-u-x-u-r
Hence ˌoff-ˈhandedly adv., in an off-handed manner, in a free and easy style, without ceremony,

Off-handedness, the quality of being off-handed. o-x-x-u-r


1823 New Monthly Mag. VIII. 364 There is in them‥an open off-handedness (to use a significant Irishism).o-u-x-u-u 1883 F. M. Peard Contrad. xix, He was quite conscious of the off-handedness of Dorothy's manner.o-u-x-u-x   1893 G. Allen Scallywag I. 40 Isabel Boyton answered a little offhandedly.o-u-x-u-x